Bread - The Cost and Convenience

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Bread - The Cost and Convenience

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I am always amazed at how expensive quality bread is at the grocery store. A good quality loaf is $5. The only way I can reconcile that this is justifiable by the breadmakers/grocers is that people pay it. I know my family does.
What is in bread? Water, flour, yeast, salt and a some seeds? Is bread one of those items that have high margins for grocers so that they can sell low margin items and still stay in business? Honestly, I am dumbfounded as the cost of producing bread cannot be anywhere near a buck a loaf or if the price isn't associated what-so-ever with cost?Are you paying for the convenience? For those of you that make your own bread, do you do it weekly? Do you still purchase store bought bread? Do you have a recommended bread maker that works with seeds?

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